The Tooth Fairy Legend

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Coins from the Tooth Fairy...

Now available at wholesale prices to qualified outlets:
Tooth Fairy Coin Sets
20 golden Tooth Fairy Coins magically packaged in a forest green velour drawstring bag!

An absolutely fresh idea for your customers!

A redeemable coin designed especially for Banks and Credit Unions is also available.

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks and the shipping times are 10 days international.

Minimum orders of

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25 sets @$12.00 per set for a total of $300.00 plus shipping &handling

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50 sets@ $11.50 per set for a total of $550.00 plus s&h

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100 sets @$10.00 per set for a total of $1000.00 FREE s&h

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250 sets@$9.00 per set for a total of $2250.00 FREE s&h
Then there is bulk rate for coins that have not been bagged in sets of 20.

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1000 coins costs $525.00 plus s&h

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2000 coins cost $975.00 plus s&h

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5000 coins cost $2200.00 FREE s&h

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10,000 coins cost $4000.00 FREE s&h

For information regarding quantities, availability, and pricing contact:

Dawn Duane Evans
Everyday Art

(406) 756-1320

Great For dentists' Offices * children and infant apparel *  toy stores * candy shops * and Your Business, Too!
At last, the Tooth Fairy has her own coin...
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